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Association for Refugees

ExilAktion is committed to protecting the rights of young refugees from the moment they arrive in Switzerland. 
We spend time with young refugees, listening to their stories and needs and helping them individually and personally.
This includes support, networking, and day-to-day accompaniment of adolescents and young refugees between the ages of 18 and 25. Depending on their requirements and difficulties, we offer them a meeting point. Through regular exchanges, individual needs can be met and problems addressed together. ExilAktion therefore supports the young refugees in integrating and finding their way in a new environment. In addition, ExilAktion provides practical help regarding medical and legal advice for refugees who require it.


We work together with refugees for young refugees.

ExilAktion was founded in autumn 2018 as a non-profitassociation (Art. 60ff ZGB) based in Allschwil (BL).ExilAktion Board Members and volunteers come from a variety of countries, with differentbackgrounds and speaking a range of languages, with different work experiences, and with ages ranging from students to pensioners.

ExilAktion is politically independent anddenominationally neutral.

Take part

Time to exchange ideas, skills, knowledge and offer support

We are looking for volunteers who are motivated to get involved in individual projects. There are various possibilities for this, which can be clarified in more detail through contact with the members.

Anyone who gets involved automatically becomes a member of our association (without contribution).

our work

Providing support

Young refugees should be able to feel safe and receive the necessary medical and legal care.

Ways out of isolation
Young asylum seekers usually live in shelters and share large dormitories with strangers. They often feel powerless, isolated and lonely, and fearful for their own future. For young mothers with children, these feelings of insecurity and isolation are  particularly overwhelming. ExilAktion does everything possible to overcome this isolation and to improve their living conditions. ExilAktion dedicates most of its work to integration and regularly launches different projects for this purpose; examples include:

Vegetable garden: workingtogether planting vegetables, cooking and eating meals
Meeting points: informal meetings for discussions and encounters, playroom for children, walks and excursions, free support with German courses (A1, A2 and B1)
Workshops: crafting, drawing, knitting and embroidery
insightsMedical support
We accompany, comfort and look after the well-being of everyone.

By the time young migrants reach Switzerland, they have often endured disturbing and traumatic experiences, occurring not only in their own home or during their fleeing, but also in the first country they arrive in within the EU (that is responsible for asylum application under the Dublin Regulation). In addition to possible health consequences, these experiences can lead to enormous emotional and psychological stress. Support is provided by putting young migrants in touch with medical specialists, accompanying them to appointments and helping them overcome language barriers.

Legal advice

We work with a network of lawyers to solve legal issues. 

Many of the asylum seekers supported by ExilAktion are minors when they arrive in Switzerland. ExilAktion helps with the process of collecting evidence and works with professionals to ensure that the rights of these young asylum seekers are respected. Recently, many young women, single mothers and young families have arrived. They have suffered physical or psychological violence. ExilAktion does everything possible to support them and works with the relevant authorities.

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Your donation enables us to offer professional support to those seeking help and to realise our projects.
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